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Lift bridge over the Buffalo River. - Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society


Catherine F. Schweitzer: Executive Director, The Baird Foundation

Good evening. It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you, both local residents and guests, to the official opening of A Canal Conversation.

I would also like to extend our appreciation to those who have waited so patiently for a seat and a meal. The overflow crowd is a very real measure of your interest in the Inner Harbor project. Special welcome to our Mayor, Tony Masiello, and County Executive, Joel Giambra. Your presence here tonight is very meaningful.

My name is Catherine Schweitzer. I am the Executive Director of The Baird Foundation and will serve as your official greeter this evening.

I suspect many of you have had conversations for months with friends, neighbors, even strangers, about the importance of the Erie Canal in our history and its role in our future.

Certainly it is a topic that has received formal attention through the appropriate public process. It is also a topic that has received generous coverage by all forms of our local media. Yet, it has become a passionate subject for our community to discuss informally.

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