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Current Projects

The Urban Design Project is involved in a wide range of public planning and urban design efforts across a bi-national Buffalo Niagara region, encompassing three Western New York counties as well as reaching across our borders into southern Ontario. We are also engaged internationally with work throughout the United States with the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence and south as far as the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica.

We work with communities to develop plans, facilitate project implementation, organize and document public conversations, develop public visions, and get citizens involved. We also work to represent what is known about specific places and about the special work of urban design and planning on a regional scale.

Taken together, the projects in which we are involved represent an emerging vision about a bi-national Buffalo-Niagara region that is always learning, environmentally healthy, interconnected, democratic, and prosperous. We have the opportunity to learn from our work in this Region and to broadly test the relevance of our learning in places throughout the world. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Links to all current projects are listed individually to the right. All past projects can be found in the Archived Projects link at the bottom of the list.