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The Buffalo Summit Series: Experiments in Democratic Action 1994-1998.

By Robert Shibley and Bradshaw Hovey, editors, with prefaces by Anthony M. Masiello, Mayor of Buffalo, and Keith Belanger, Chairman, Buffalo Place Inc. (1998)

ISBN 10: 1-931612-04-8

ISBN 13: 978-1-931612-04-3

The Buffalo Summit Series was predicated on the idea that public conversations, carefully structured and faithfully reported, could lead to improved public judgment and accountable action. This volume provides a detailed record and analysis of five years of public engagement involving thousands of Buffalonians considering how to improve their neighborhoods and their downtown.

This publication won the following award:

1998 Upstate NY Chapter and Western New York Section of the American Planning Association (APA) Awards - “Public Education”


90 pp. -- $18.90.

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