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Comprehensive Plan Cover Queen City in the 21st Century: Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan

For the City of Buffalo by Robert G. Shibley, Bradshaw Hovey, David Carter and John Sheffer, editors, and The Urban Design Project. (2006)

ISBN 10: 1-931612-17-X

ISBN 13: 978-1-931612-17-3

The Buffalo Comprehensive Plan is a physical land use plan for the City of Buffalo. It provides a strategic framework to guide public and private investment in the city for the period 2004 to 2025.

The Plan recognizes that the City of Buffalo is a defined community, with its own needs, strengths, values, and identity. Buffalo is also the regional center of Buffalo Niagara and occupies a strategic central location in the Golden Horseshoe bi-national urban region, which stretches around Lake Ontario from the Greater Toronto Area to Rochester.

The city is conceived as a prosperous, green regional center providing a high quality of life for all its citizens. It will have a thriving, progressive economy with leading edge companies; a socially inclusive, harmonious population; prestigious medical, academic, and public institutions; and fully restored and enhanced natural, cultural, and built heritage.

The Buffalo Comprehensive Plan has won the following award(s):

2009 Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Awards - “The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town”

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Buffalo Comprehensive Plan