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Queen City Hub cover image Queen City Hub: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo.

For The City of Buffalo by Robert G. Shibley and Bradshaw Hovey, editors, developed with the consulting support of The Urban Design Project with Buffalo Place Inc. and the City of Buffalo. (2003)

ISBN 10: (Volume 1) 1-931612-15-3, (Volume 2) 1-931612-16-1

ISBN 13: (Volume 1) 978-1-931612-15-9, (Volume 2) 978-1-931612-16-6

The Queen City Hub: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo is the product of continuing concerted civic effort on the part of Buffalonians to improve the center of their city. The effort was led by the Office of Strategic Planning in the City of Buffalo, the planning staff at Buffalo Place Inc., and the faculty and staff of the Urban Design Project.

The Queen City Hub is part of a broader emerging framework of planning that encompasses Downtown Buffalo's inner ring of neighborhoods, the whole City of Buffalo, and the region. It is a significant component of Queen City in the 21st Century: Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan.

Volume I (Overview: The Context for Decision Making) is for general distribution and presents vision and key priorities for decisions about Downtown development. Volume II (The Work Plan) provides the full text of the vision and implementation program, and is intended for citizen and professional planners, architects, public officials, developers, finance institutions, community-based organizations and others who seek a more detailed involvement in implementation.

This publication is available in .pdf format free of charge!
Visit the Queen City Hub page. Both volumes are available there in .pdf format, and Volume I is available as a series of web pages for ease of online reading.

The Queen City Hub has won the following awards:

2009 Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Awards - “The Region: Metropolis, City, and Town” CNU Award Note: The Queen City Hub is part of Buffalo's Comprehensive Plan and the Queen City Planning Series.

2008 International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Excellence in economic Development Awards - “Honorable Mention”

2005 American Planning Association (APA) National Planning Awards - “Outstanding Planning for a Plan”

2000 WNY and Upstate NY Chapters of the American Planning Association (APA) Awards - “Comprehensive Planning” for the The Downtown Buffalo Strategic Plan and the Downtown Buffalo 2002! Implementation Campaign.