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List of participants include attendees of the December 1999 “Brainstorming Session” in Buffalo; the February “Roundtable” in Fort Erie; the March 2000 Forum in Niagara Falls Ontario and New York; and the November 2000 “Roundtable” in Lewiston, New York:


Karl Alvarez, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Darcy Baker, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
John Barr, Regional Municipality of Niagara
Lisa Basil, Conax Corporation
Jeffrey Belt, New Millennium Group of Western New York
Beth Benson, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Thomas Blanchard Jr., Empire State Development Corporation
Helen M. Booth, Jordan Historical Museum
Henry Brodowski, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Ian Bromley, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development & Trade
Dave Brown, Brock University
Clinton Brown, Clinton Brown Co. Architecture
Gary Bruno, Fort Erie Economic Development Corporation
Noel Buckley, Niagara Falls Tourism
Gary Burroughs, Lord Mayor, Niagara-on-the-Lake
Karen Cairney, Burk & Associates Ltd.
Peter Cammarata, Buffalo Economic Renaissance Corporation
David Carter, Carter International
Michael A. Casale, Niagara County Planning
Betty Cheteny, Allee King Rosen & Fleming, Inc.
David Colligan, Buffalo Green Fund
Kevin Collison, Buffalo News
Joe Collura, City of Niagara Falls
Anne Conable, Arts Council of Buffalo and Erie County
Bill Connor, Niagara Economic & Tourism Corporation
Lucy Cook, Gateway Development Corporation
Max Coykendall, Niagara Waterfront Revitalization Task Force
David Crombie, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Don Davidson, Royal Bank
Ron Deland, International Performing Arts For All
Tom DeSantis, City of Niagara Falls
Tracey Desjardins, Economic Development and Tourism Services., St. Catharines
Douglas Dimitroff, New Millennium Group
Michelle Doncaster, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Paul Dyster, City Council, City of Niagara Falls
Irene Elia, Mayor, Niagara Falls, NY
Robert L. Emerson, Old Fort Niagara
Patrick Fagan, Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County
John Farrow, Canadian Urban Institute
John Fell, Empire State Development Corporation
Sarah Finch, Niagara Parks Commission
Ken Forgeron, Regional Municipality of Niagara
Jocelyn Forsey, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
Dorothy Furtney, Office of Assemblyman Paul Tokasz
Andrew Galarneau, Buffalo News
Dennis Galucki, Buffalo, NY
Kate Gardiner, Town of Fort Erie
Dave Gillis, Niagara Parks Commission
Kerry Grant, University at Buffalo
Ron Guido, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Tom Gwitt, Office of Assemblyman Paul Tokasz
Chris Hayward, Niagara Regional Conservation Authority
Mary Jane Heintzman, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Alex Herlovitch, City of Niagara Falls
William K. Hinkle, New York Power Authority
Randy Hodge, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Trade
Bradshaw Hovey, Urban Design Project, University at Buffalo
Chris Jacobs, Erie County
Nancy Joseph, City of Niagara Falls
Daniel Kolundzic, Canadian Consulate General
Mike Krasner, Erie County
David Lacki, Greater Buffalo Convention and Visitors Bureau
Corey Larocque, Niagara Falls Review
JoAnne Loughry, Buffalo Place Inc.
Florine Luhr, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise
Tija Luste, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Mary-Catherine Malley, Hodgson Russ Andrews Woods & Goodyear
Michael Malley, New Millennium Group
Amanda Mason, Western Erie Canal Heritage Commission
Thomas McCormack, Strategic Projections, Inc.
Alec McGillivray, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade
Don McGregor, Canada Information Office
Mary Means, Mary Means Associates
Dale Medearis, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Kathy Menyes, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
Brian Merrett, Niagara Parks Commission
Tony Milani, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Robert Miller, Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council
Mark Mistretta, Wendel Engineering
Kerry Mitchell, Canadian Consulate General, Buffalo
Mark Mitskovski, Peace Bridge/Columbus Park Association
Sue Morrison, Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation
Willie Moskowitz, BorderNet Alliance
Rino Mostacci, Town of Fort Erie
Svitlana Nalyavako, Burk & Associates Ltd.
David Oakes, City of St. Catharines
Robert C. O’Dell, Robert C. O’Dell Management, Inc.
Lisa Ohata, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Amy Penasack, Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth
Christine Peters, Margaret L. Wendt Foundation
April Petrie, Niagara Parks Commission
Gary D. Praetzel, Niagara University
Richard T. Reinhard, Urban Design Project/State of the Region Project
Ron Rienas, Town of Fort Erie
Linda L. Rix, Regional Municipality of Niagara
Ross Robinson, Oh Canada Eh? Dinner Show
Renato Romanin, Regional Municipality of Niagara
Irene Rota, Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Laurence K. Rubin, Erie County
Robert M. Rubin, The Office for Lewiston’s Economic & Community Development
Ed Rutkowski, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Stan Rydelek, Niagara Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau
Eva Salter, Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation
Lynda Schneekloth, Urban Design Project, University at Buffalo
Christian Schuetzinger, Bodensee-Alpenrhein Tourismus
Michael Schwarze-Rodrian, Kommnualverband Ruhrgebiet
Catherine Schweitzer, The Baird Foundation
John Sheffer, Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth
Robert Shibley, Urban Design Project, University at Buffalo
Holly Sinnott, Empire State Development Corp.
Terry Smith, Ontario Ministry of Tourism
Richard Soluri, Mayor, Lewiston, NY
Edmund Sullivan, County of Niagara
Sylvia Sweeney, Portal Entertainment
Douglas G. Swift, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy
Mary Brennan Taylor, Office of Rep. John J. LaFalce
Richard M. Tobe, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Tim Trabold, Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council
Deborah Trimble, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy
James Wadsworth, Hodgson, Russ, Andrews, Woods & Goodyear LLP
Deborah Whitehouse, Niagara Parks Commission
Joanne Willmott, New York Power Authority
Ted Wlazlo, Heritage Thorold LACAC
Jacek Wysocki, Western New York Heritage Institute


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