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When it comes to improving the region...

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If we are to be successful in  improving the Niagara Frontier our approach needs to...

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The biggest obstacle to improving the economy, environment, and community in the region defined by the Niagara River is...

  • Cogan / Milstein ten year option.

  • Tribalism.

  • New York State has regulations, mandates which stifle human initiative.

  • Mis-matched transportation. (QEW New York State Thruway because 4 dosen't equal 2).

  • Anti-entrepreneurial government and economic planners.

  • Mis-understanding and mis-communication.

  • Lack of political will.

  • Lack of enterprise.

The most important oppurtunity for improving economy, and community in the region defined by the Niagara River is...

  • Bridge from Leslie Spit to Welland Canal.

  • Build a world class parks / greenway from lake to lake.

  • Enterprise, entrepreneurs!

  • Loop the scenic drive from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.  Mirror the Canadian side.

  • Capitalizing on our assets - the Niagara.   It's the river stupid!

  • A magnificent Niagara gateway bridge at Buffalo and Fort Erie.

  • Link existing tourist-ready cultural corridor assets in Buffalo/ WNY to Loop tours out of Niagara Falls, Canada!

  • Cross-lake Ontario truck / car ferry.


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